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Cultivate: A Thoughtfully Curated Shop for Eco-Friendly Home Goods

Thank you for choosing to visit Cultivate, a small, family-owned business based in Northeast Florida.  We are committed to creating an inclusive community, staying true to our passions, supporting local makers, and finding beauty in everyday life. We are excited to have you here and hope you enjoy your visit to our shop!

At Cultivate, our goal is to offer environmentally-friendly products that are both kind to your home and our planet. Our hand-picked selection of ethically-made items are perfect for your garden, home, and children.

Discover the best gardening supplies, succulents, and indoor plants at Cultivate
, where we offer all of the gardening essentials, including soil, seeds, starts, and tools, as well as a wide array of succulents and indoor plants to spruce up any corner of your home or office. Our collection also extends to home goods and kitchen supplies, so you'll find everything you need to make your space feel like home. Check out our kids' section too, which houses engaging, all-natural toys, clothing, and much more – there is indeed something for everyone at Cultivate!

Join Our Community Space for Engaging Events!
  We are thrilled to offer a fantastic space for individuals to come together and share their knowledge and passions. Be sure to take a look at our events and join us for an exciting time!



Kitchen - Gifts - Decor - Paper Goods - Body Products

We think that Home is the center of it all! And we really felt that these last few months. We are still here! We want to inspire you treat your home with the care it deserves. We've experienced that it's more than just a shelter; it's a space to grow, learn, share, and create.  We want to help your home to be a place cultivated with love and beauty.

We strive to carry goods that are earth-friendly and US-made, made by companies that strive to keep their local economy alive!


Our commitment is to offer natural and healthful products for you, your home, and family.


Ceramics - Soil - Seeds - Starts - Tools - Houseplants

We’re here to inspire you to grow! Our gardening section is full of products to help you get your garden up and going.

If you don’t have a yard, then container growing is an option. If you don’t have the space for that, then pick-up a succulent or house plant and green your home. We even have a potting station for your use!

We carry organic seeds, local starts and plants. We have locally mixed soil for your beds or containers. If you're new to gardening we even have classes to help you grow.


Clothes - Toys - Books - Games - Supplies - Play Area

We love kids and this natural, simple, and fun time of nurturing in their lives! We love to see how curious and quick they are. 

Our children are the future and with that in mind, we have hand-selected a variety of toys to help inspire and cultivate creative and thoughtful humans.  Our clothes and toys are small-batch made here in the US with natural and organic materials.


Check out our amazing community events and workshops.  Fun activities for the whole family to enjoy- gardening, crafting, cooking, story times, and so many more!

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