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Community Workshops

Italian-Cooking-135 - Diana Testa Portrait.jpg

A Day In Tuscany Cooking Class
With Diana of Italian Cooking Lessons

Saturday April 1st, 10:30-12:30, $75

During this class you will learn three TUSCAN TRADITIONAL dishes and appreciate the importance of the ingredients and their tradition. Only the simplest and the best ingredients together with the love for Italy will make you feel like you were in TUSCANY for one day!



Tuscan mascarpone goat cheese pine nuts truffles

Tuscan sun dried crostini

Panzanella salad


The cuisine of Tuscany is all about simplicity - keeping it fresh, and incorporating seasonal produce, preserving the traditional and local flavors. Don't miss this class!


What's included in the class: ingredients, recipes, two hours cooking class, lunch and lots of fun!

Diana Testa Ravioli.jpg

Taste of Italy: Fresh Ravioli
With Diana of Italian Cooking Lessons

Saturday April 1st, 1:30-3:30, $75

You will learn the basics of Italian fresh pasta, classic dough starting from preparing the dough and the elaborated filling all with the best selected organic ingredients. Grab a friend or your partner and don’t miss this class! Once our work is done, we’ll sit down to enjoy our creations.






Coffee Painting Teresa Cook 5.jpeg

Coffee Painting Workshop
With Teresa Cook

Sunday April 2nd, 11:30-1:30, $50

I mean honestly, who doesn’t love coffee?

I create the majority of my watercolors start with me drinking coffee first thing in the morning and I want to do that with you. We will vibe and talk and listen to great music, while using coffee to create a cool painting. I have painted with coffee in the past it has been the basis for a lot of my paintings and prints to staining the paper and adding another tone of brown to my art. So let’s use coffee to paint with for this class.In this class, we will use the coffee to create different tones by adding more water to lighten or more coffee to darken. And of course we will be starting our morning with coffee as well, so bring your favorite coffee cup if you like. Let’s start our morning together, with coffee, painting, a vibe and listen to some Saturday morning tunes.

All supplies included and beginners welcome!

Harmony Mushrooms in Container.jpg

Home Mushroom Cultivation
With Harmony Mushroom Co.

Friday April14th, 3:30-5:30, $85

Join us for an afternoon workshop in learning to cultivate your own gourmet mushrooms at home. This workshop features the latest developments in DIY Mycology, and will not only show you how you can grow your own gourmet mushrooms, but also help to create a network of individuals who are interested in Mycology so that we can all learn from each other. All materials needed will be provided!

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