Community Workshops

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Monarch Butterfly Management
With Delores of d'elle designs

Sunday May 22nd  11:30pm $5, 12 and under Free

In this one of a kind workshop you will gain an understanding about the amazing lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly and their job as a super pollinator. You will learn how to get them to your yard and once there how to keep them healthy and coming back year after year. All participants will be instructed on how to recognize various milkweeds and the Monarch's precious eggs with all stages of their phenomenal journey explained as well as how to propagate the butterflies and their milkweed. Fun for the whole family!!

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Pour It On! Fluid Art Workshop
With Delores of d'elle designs

Wednesday May 25th  10:30pm $60

In this workshop we will be getting into the flow by learning how to make fluid art. Also known as paint pouring, flow art or liquid art, it Is a form of abstract art using acrylic paints. The acrylic paints react with each other when combined together to make interesting and visually organic motifs. You will be taught the science behind the art and how to mix paints to get the right flow consistency. This is a fun way to express yourself. The process is most interesting all the way through. Please BRING your own SMOCK or work APRON, it can get messy!! ALL other supplies will be provided!! Your Artwork will be wet and will be ready for pick up the next afternoon.

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Watercolor With Wine
With Teresa Cook

Sunday May 29th  11:30pm $55

I mean honestly, who doesn’t love wine? I create the majority of my watercolors while drinking wine and I want to do that with you. We will vibe and talk and listen to great music. I have painted with wine in the past and wine in a glass has been the basis for a lot of my paintings. So why not use wine to paint with for this class? In this class, we will use the wine in different tones, through adding water to lighten the wine on the paper. This allows for more shades of the wine to be created. We will be recreating the wine in the glass, with wine, and a little line work with my help. We will still use watercolor as well. My goal is for us to create a painting that you keep next to your wine at home. Let’s make a wine painting and of course you can drink the wine as well.

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D.I.Y Terrarium Workshop 
With Project Art Room

Saturday June 11th  6:00pm $45

In this workshop each attendee will create their own Terrarium. Also they will get step by step directions on how to create the project. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Hello My name is Paige Jonson. I have been a native of Jacksonville Florida for about 25yrs. I'm a visual artist and Art teacher. My vision for each class is that everyone expresses themselves freely through their art work.

Create Around the World- Kids Camp
With Sunni Myers of Gogh Create

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  June 29th-July 1st   10:30am - 2:00pm, $200

Join Gogh Create and let’s create art from around the world! Everyday artists ages 5 and up will explore art from all over the globe by creating work from cultures on every continent. Students will explore a variety of art making processes during this artistic trek around the planet.

Sunni Myers, is owner and operator of Gogh Create a mixed media visual art instruction and entertainment business. Offering art classes, art parties and art lessons to people of all ages and encouraging all to go create. Additionally, Sunni is currently an art educator with Duval County Public Schools with over 10 years of experience in elementary art. With a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts majoring in Art History and a minor in drawing and painting, Sunni uses a mixture of art making techniques and history to instruct. Along with her knowledge of multiple art mediums, Sunni creates projects that are both educational and fun!

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