Community Workshops

Wine Painting Class Glass.jpeg

Painting With Wine
With Teresa Cook

Sunday  August  7th   11:30- 1:30pm, $55 

I mean honestly, who doesn’t love wine? I create the majority of my watercolors while drinking wine and I want to do that with you. We will vibe and talk and listen to great music. I have painted with wine in the past and wine in a glass has been the basis for a lot of my paintings. So why not use wine to paint with for this class? In this class, we will use the wine in different tones, through adding water to lighten the wine on the paper. This allows for more shades of the wine to be created. We will be recreating the wine in the glass, with wine, and a little line work with my help. We will still use watercolor as well. My goal is for us to create a painting that you keep next to your wine at home. Let’s make a wine painting and of course you can drink the wine as well.

Cyanotype Amanda R 2.jpeg

Cyanotype Workshop
With Amanda Rosenblatt

Sunday  August  7th   2:00- 4:00pm, $50

Cyanotypes are a 19th century practical process that have become a creative alternative for those looking to create with light. In this workshop we will create cyanotypes using a variety of techniques to make photographs with sunlight. Paper and chemistry will be provided. Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring their own specialty papers or fabrics to print on as well as any objects or materials they would like to print. This workshop is suitable for children accompanied by an adult. Additional paper and chemicals will be available to purchase to continue creating at home.

Amanda Rosenblatt is a photographer and artist whose personal work focuses on exploring alternative processes and substrates. Her commercial work can be seen at

Suncatcher In Sunlight.jpg

Sun Catcher & God Eye Wall Hanging Workshop
With Misao Spenser 

Saturday  August  20th   1:00pm- 4:00pm, $55

In this workshop you will learn how to make a sun catcher and God eyes using yarn and macramé cords.

I have prepared all the supplies needed, but if you would like, you are more then welcome to bring your own.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!


I'm an artist who loves nature and using lots of natural stuff in the art I create. I am constantly amazed by the earth's beauty and I try to reflect that in my art style. My inspiration primarily comes from the wind, water, trees and other natural things.

Stephanie Roach Florida Embroidery 2.jpg

Beginner Friendly Florida Embroidery Class
With Stephanie of A Wedded Life

Saturday  September  3rd   10:30- 12:30pm, $40

Come learn the basics of embroidery and stitch the Sunshine State! You will learn five of the basic stitches as well as all the tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot with your newest hobby!

Stephanie has been teaching embroidery for going on five years now! She specializes in custom embroidery on baby carriers as well as extremely detailed animal portraits.

Wedded Embroidery Stephanie Roach.JPG




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Carmen Joyce Soul Collage Banner.jpeg

Intro To Soul Collage
With Carmen of Carmen Cay Art

Sunday  August  28th   11:30- 2:30pm, $65

SoulCollage® brings your internal process to life and is a comfortable and gentle method of self-exploration. Creating and interpreting cards builds a space within oneself that encourages self-discovery and fosters deeper insight. SoulCollage® isn’t a traditional collage process and we will only be using images. You will learn how to interpret the cards you created by using the “I Am One Who” process. You will learn about the different “Suits” and types of cards. You will go home with your completed cards and start of your own special deck with some extra cards to make at home.